Youmaton (also known as Youma) is the current Opposition Leader of the AustraliaSim Parliament, and is also the Leader of the Labour Party.

Biography Edit

Pre-Political Career Edit

Youma joined the sim in early March of 2018, to a divisive debate on South African immigrants. They looked around for political parties, but remained as an independent as they wished for freedom within debates.

Australia Tonight Edit

In May 2018, Youma was hired to be a reporter for Australia Tonight. After a month of off and on training and reporting, they presented two back to back interviews of BellmanTGM and Woof that proved to be incredibly popular.

Political Career Edit

6th Parliament Edit

Youma first entered the political sphere when they ran for the seat of Whitlam in a by-election. They lost this election, as it was won by the incumbent Pirate Party.

7th Parliament Edit

Youma was first elected to the Lower House at the 7th election, in the seat of Chisholm, where they ran as an Independent candidate. However, shortly after being elected, Youma controversially joined the Socialists Party. During the 7th Parliament and the Bsharri government, Youma was the Minister for Education and the Minister for States, Territories and External Territories. At the end of the term, and after then Prime Minister Bsharri dissolved the Lower House, resigning from the Socialists Party, Youma was appointed as the new leader.

Republic Constitutional Convention Edit

Youma was a key part of the constitutional convention into an Australian republic. As part of it, they were a strong advocate for such, and voted in favour of it. They helped create the constitutional model known as the Forza-Youma constitution, which advocated for a directly elected head of state.

8th Parliament Edit

Youma entered the 8th election as a candidate for the seat of Sydney, which they won. As the leader of the Socialist party, Youma became the opposition leader to PineappleCrusher_'s government. Soon after the opening of this parliament, the Socialists Party and the Australian Labor Party merged to form the Labour Party. Youma remained leader of this party after the merge.

Youma is also notable for creating and pioneering AustraliaSim's wikia page.

Political Ideology Edit

Youma is a progressive social democrat, leaning very much towards the left wing side of politics.

Notable Legislation Edit

Territory Freedoms (Euthanasia) Bill 2018

Forza-Youma Constitution

Electoral Results Edit

# of primary votes Status
Whitlam (By-election) 1 / 6 Not Elected
Chisholm (April General Election) No Competition Elected
Sydney (June 2018 Election) No Competition Elected