Early Life Edit

Toby grew up in a middle-class family in Brisbane, Queensland. He became in involved in politics at the age of 16.

Early Political Life Edit

Toby made his debut into the political sphere quickly by becoming the president of the Liberal Party; within a matter of weeks in early 2018

Seventh House Edit

Election Edit

A local of Fairfax, Toby was appointed as the Liberal candidate for Fairfax for the April Election. Being his first time running, Toby ran a prolific campaign in an attempt to gain the trust of the public. This was a great success, with him being elected as the MP for the Division of Fairfax in the 7th House

Service in the House Edit

Toby, in the short life of the 7th House, introduced the altruistic surrogacy bill, to improve the safety, quality and availability of surrogacy. To Toby, "the government has no right to dictate who enlists the help of a surrogate..."

The Matt Monti Verdict Edit

Toby, acting as the whip of the party, saw that ALP MP Matt Monti had been inactive in his role, so much so he was up for exclusion in the parliament. Toby, on the advice of the party, recommended Matt to the High Court of Australia to determine his eligibility as an MP. This lead to the dissolution of the House of Representatives.

Eighth House Edit

Election Edit

Toby, who had moved to the Division of Lyne for family purposes. Ran for election in Lyne, and did so outright for it being a Liberal stronghold.

Service in the House Edit

Toby was appointed Minister for Advancement and Minister for Social Services as part of the 8th House's first cabinet.

High Court Case Edit

After the June 2018 Election, tobycool2001 was charged with having an alt. After a brief court case, he eventually plead guilty, and was banned from the server for 2 weeks, and his alt was banned permanently.