1st: ThatPerthFan MP - Liberal Party

2nd: Edible_Pie MP - One Nation

3rd: LordTrollsworth MP - Australian Democrats

4th: NotKhrushchevsGhost MP - Australian Greens - First Term as Prime Minister

5th: IG_99 MP - Australian Democrats

6th: dyljam MP - Australian Democrats

7th: BloodyChrome MP - Australian Democrats

8th: BellmanTGM MP - Liberty Party

(4th): NotKhrushchevsGhost MP - Australian Greens - Second Term as Prime Minister

9th: Senator Bsharri - Socialist Party - Dissolved Parliament and called Early Election

10th: Frank Hoogstra MP - Labor Party - Served as caretaker PM after the resignation of Bsharri

11th: PineappleCrusher_ MP - Liberal Party