Frank Hoogstra is an Australian Politician who served as Australia's 11th Prime Minister, serving as caretaker after the resignation of Prime Minister Bsharri. He is currently the Deputy Leader of the Australian Labour Party.

Political CareerEdit

Labour PartyEdit

Frank Hoogstra began his political career as one of the original members of MrUnited's Labour Party, serving as whip. He originally intended to run as the front-runner in the Senate election but gave the position to Paul Keating to persuade him to join the young party. However, soon after the election, Paul Keating left the party to serve as an independent, leaving the party without a seat in the Senate. 

Three months later, Keating would eventually feel inclined to resign his seat (encouraged by Hoogstra), believing that the seat would pass to a member of his party at the time, the Liberal Conservatives. However, the seat passed to the Labour Party, leaving Hoogstra as Senator.

Hoogstra was re-elected to the Senate in the following election. Following this election, he left the Labour Party (leading to its collapse) and founded the Imperial Party of Australia.

Imperial Party of AustraliaEdit

The Imperial Party of Australia stood for peace, freedom, justice, and security. It was an authoritarian socialist party, believing in unicameralism, government ownership of services, conscription, and the abolition of pensions. Hoogstra would serve as Leader of the Imperial Party of Australia for another four months, most of that time spent as the party's only member. He would eventually be joined by MrUnited after the following election and gaining a couple more members soon after. One month before the upcoming election, the party was dissolved and Hoogstra and United co-founded the Australian Labor Party.

Australian Labor PartyEdit

Hoogstra returned to his roots, bringing Labor politics back to Australia. Instead of running for the Senate as he had in previous elections, he chose to run in the division of Canberra instead. Hoogstra went on to win in a tight race, and formed a coalition with the Socialist Party, becoming Deputy Prime Minister. Senator Bsharri later called a shock early election and resigned his seat, leaving Hoogstra as caretaker Prime Minister. He won the seat of Canberra uncontested, but the ALP was unable to form government. In the aftermath of this election, Hoogstra would open discussions with Youmaton, the new leader of the Socialist Party, to merge their two parties.

Australian Labour Party Edit

The ALP merged with the Socialist Party to form the Australian Labour Party. Hoogstra currently serves as Deputy Leader.