The First dyljam Ministry was the 7th Cabinet of AustraliaSim, and based closely on the First IG_99 Ministry.

It was formed following the shock disappearance of former Prime Minister IG_99, by new Prime Minister dyljam.

It was formed by lead party Australian Democrats, with the Liberal Conservatives and Australian Labor Party, and with independent MP LividMilkTea.


Position Holder
Prime Minister dyljam
Deputy Prime Minister JengaLucile
Minister for Defence MrUnited12
Minister for Regional Development dyljam
Minister for Foreign Affairs JengaLucile
Minister for Immigration JengaLucile
Minister for Treasury and Finance Deladi0
Minister for Trade and Tourism Deladi0
Minister for Social Affairs, Housing and Youth Affairs MrUnited12
Minister for Industry, Innovation, Automation and Science MrUnited12
Minister for Sport MrUnited12
Minister for Agriculture and Water BloodyChrome
Attorney General and Justice BloodyChrome
Minister for Communities, Local Government, States, Territories, and External Territories BloodyChrome
Minister for Indigenous Affairs BloodyChrome
Minister for the Environment LividMilkTea
Minister for Transport LividMilkTea
Minister for Health nfank
Minister for Infrastructure nfank
Minister for Education and Training dyljam
Minister for Communications dyljam
Minister for Arts and Culture LordTrollsworth
Minister for Counterterrorism and Cyber Security LordTrollsworth