CircleSongIsDank, commonly known by the acronym CSID, joined the Sim in July 2017, and is well known for his enthusiastic partiality to memes and meme culture. However, he also has a prolific history as a prominent parliamentarian in AustraliaSim. At the time he was first elected to Parliament, he was the youngest ever elected member, although that record has since been surpassed by Woof332.

His first notable activity was in forming the Social Democrats party, however failing to gain any seats in the 4th election, after which he disbanded the party.

Soon after, he along with a number of other users, notably Smoothstone2002 and Bsharri, founded the Socialists Party. Running for the Senate in the 5th election, he was once again unsuccessful, narrowly missing election. Bsharri was the only successful candidate from the Socialists Party, claiming the seat of Fremantle. The party would go on to be a significant party in AustraliaSim, although immediately after the election, CircleSongIsDank was excommunicated from the party over a series of disagreements with other members.

CircleSongIsDank resorted to re-forming the Social Democrats party, this time with much greater success. Notable members of the new Social Democrats party include Sipestro, Jean_the_Eurowhore, Nightwolf and scrubfungen. Entering into the 6th election, with assistance from ally BellmanTGM and his Liberty Party, the biggest party in terms of membership in the Sim's history, the Social Democrats won two seats in the House of Representatives, with CircleSongIsDank making his parliamentary debut for the seat of Batman, and Sipestro the other elected member (though he would later be removed from parliament for inactivity). The Social Democrats were coalition partners with the Liberty Party and formed part of their government, with CircleSongIsDank serving as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Environment, Minister for States, Territories and External Territories and Minister for Community and Youth. The government would later go on to lose in a Vote of No Confidence.

Following the events of that parliamentary term, CircleSongIsDank rebranded his Social Democrats to the Pirate Party, and soon after, weary from the controversy he faced in the previous parliamentary term, rescinded his leadership, for PM-ME-SPRINKLES to take over his position. CircleSongIsDank remained a prominent member in the party, and went into the 7th election as the lead Senate candidate. With the Pirate Party invigorated by its success from the Social Democrats and the energy of new leader PM-ME-SPRINKLES, CircleSongIsDank comfortable took a Senate spot, with his party leader taking the seat of Melbourne, and deputy leader scrubfungen retaking Batman for the socialist party after CircleSongIsDank's incumbency. The Pirate Party would go on to form part of a coalition government with the Socialist Party and Australian Labor Party, under Prime Minister Bsharri. However, towards the end of the term, and with the resignation and defection of PM-ME-SPRINKLES and scrubgungen from the Pirate Party to the Socialists and Liberal Party respectively, CircleSongIsDank was left with the leadership. After the House of Representatives was dissolved, CircleSongIsDank grew weary of controversy once again, and resigned from the Senate and the Pirate Party simultaneously, and announced he would be taking a brief hiatus from the Sim. A short while later, he would publicly endorse via Reddit former government partner and close ally, BellmanTGM, to be appointed as the Pirate Party's replacement Senator, with the rest of the membership proving unenthusiastic and inactive. Following this endorsement, BellmanTGM would eventually join the Pirate Party and claim leadership, appointing himself to the Senate vacancy left by CircleSongIsDank.

CircleSongIsDank is also notable for his programme #parliamentdthmatch, which utilised Hunger Games simulation software and the Discord profile pictures of several notable parliamentarians. The results of the simulator would be released slowly, accompanied with comedic commentary. The programme often featured guest commentators, most commonly TheSilentAsh and Dicky_Knee.

CircleSongIsDank was lead creator behind the infamous Dicky_KneeBOT, which took message history from notable user Dicky_Knee, and would randomly combine fragments of messages to, in theory, create a new, Dicky_Knee-esque message. The bot remains in the main AustraliaSim Discord server today, although is currently roled with a Server Mute.