BloodyChrome is a former AustraliaSim politician who served as the XXth Prime Minister of AustraliaSim.

Born and raised in the Northern Territory, BloodyChrome first worked as a law graduate for the Department of the Attorney General and Justice in the Northern Territory after completing a Law and Economics degree at the University of Adelaide. BloodyChrome was first elected to the AustraliaSim Senate as a member of the National Party as Senator for the Territories and was Minister of XX in the ThatPerthFan government. After the Poseidon0 adventure and the dissolving of the National Party BloodyChrome joined the Australian Democrats and was a senior figure throughout.

After the collapse of the EdiblePie government entered government again serving as Minister XX for the first Lord Trollsworth government. The subsequent election saw the Democrats forced to become the Opposition and served as Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. With the Australian Democrats forming a coalition government after the XX election BloodyChrome served as Minister for XX and Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate. BloodyChrome continued to serve in the cabinets of LordTrollsworth, IG_99 and Dyljam governments.

After the disappearance of IG_99, Bloody Chrome ran in the seat of Lingiari at in the subsequent by-election and won becoming Deputy Prime Minister. Upon the resignation of Dyljam BloodyChrome became Prime Minister and won the subsequent election. The BloodyChrome government was subsequently defeated with Liberty Party leader BellmanTGM succeeding him as Prime Minister. BloodyChrome also lost his own seat to Socialist candidate Kiera becoming the first AustraliaSim Prime Minister to do so.

After the election defeat BloodyChrome was appointed as a Justice of the High Court

Early Life Edit

BloodyChrome was born in Darwin and spent his formative years attending St Mary's Catholic Primary School before attending St Joseph's Nudgee College in Brisbane from years 7-12. Upon his completion BloodyChrome studied Law and Economics at Adelaide University before returning to Darwin taking up a role in the Department of the Attorney General and Justice.