BellmanTGM is a currently sitting Senator in AustraliaSim, and Minister for Industry and Business under the PineappleCrusher_ government. He is also the current leader of the Party for Free Citizens.

BellmanTGM was a founding member of AustraliaSim and of the One Nation Party. In the 1st election, he ran in the seat of Braddon, although unsuccessful. BellmanTGM was regarded as the most active unelected member during this term, reaching the Discord Mee6 rank of #2.

In the aftermath of the "Posideon0 Adventure," BellmanTGM resigned from the One Nation Party to take over as Chairman of the AustraliaSim Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) from exposed alt account Ikaroa. Shortly after, he was also appointed as an inaugral Justice of the High Court of AustraliaSim. BellmanTGM held these roles for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parliamentary terms.

Just prior to the 5th election, BellmanTGM announced his resignation from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and from the High Court of AustraliaSim. For his services as a member of the Judiciary, including judgments on sevreal notable cases, in particular as lead Justice in the final case against ThatPerthFan before his permanent ban, BellmanTGM was the first member to be appointed Companion to the Order of AustraliaSim, along with fellow former Justice RunasSudo. A short while after this, BellmanTGM formed the Bellman United Party. As leader, he was elected to the seat of Wright in the 5th election. The party quickly grew in success, and saw two MPs join the party during term, including his deputy leader LividMilkTea and infamous member MrUnited12. This saw BellmanTGM into the position of Opposition Leader in his first elected term. He held the Shadow Cabinet positions of Treasurer, Minister for Justice, Minister for Education and Minister for Community and Youth Services. He was also appointed to the Speaker's Panel. A short while later, the Bellman United Party merged with the Liberal Conservatives party to become what would eventually be the biggest party in the Sim's history: the Liberty Party. The One Nation Party later also merged with the Liberty Party.

BellmanTGM entered the 6th election still leading the Liberty Party, and was elected to the seat of Canberra. A closely contested election, BellmanTGM managed to form a coalition government with the Social Democrats party and the Republican Party, with supply and confidence from the Centre Alliance. He served as Prime Minister and Minister for Immigration. As Prime Minister, and after a largely controversial election, BellmanTGM claimed that this signalled that the electoral system was in dire need of reform, and promised that his party would introduce no legislation to parliament that term, and instead focus on passing a bill for electoral reform as quickly as possible. However, as the drafting process for this bill began to take longer than anticipated, faith in the BellmanTGM government dwindled, and eventually saw the coalition break down, and lose a Vote of No Confidence in the House of Representatives. In the aftermath of this result, BellmanTGM then resigned as leader of the Liberty Party, passing leadership on to PineappleCrusher_, who would then re-name and reform the Liberty Party into the Liberal and Nationals Parties. BellmanTGM joined the Nationals under the leadership of another notable member of the former Liberty Party, Ghost_of_John_Galt. At the conclusion of this term, BellmanTGM announced he would not be running in the next election, and around the same time the Nationals Party was dissolved.

For the duration of the 7th term of parliament, BellmanTGM returned to the ABC as a general reporter, and was also appointed as Parliamentary Clerk. Governor-General TheElectricFire7 also recommended to parliament that he be restored to the role of Judiciary, however the proposition was never presented before either House. Towards the end of the term, BellmanTGM announced his resignation from the role of clerk and from the ABC.

At the conclusion of the 7th term, April Senator CircleSongIsDank announced his resignation from both the Senate and the position of Pirate Party leader. A short while later, noticing that his former party did not have any active membership to fill his Senate vacancy, he publicly endorsed BellmanTGM to take up his position as Senator. BellmanTGM would then join the Pirate Party, and, after nominating himself for the position, be voted in as the new leader. This saw him return to parliament, this time as Senator. He also announced that he would be rebranding the party to the Party of Free Citizens, and adjusting its policy in the process. BellmanTGM's reappointment to Parliament also saw him return to government, in a coalition between his Party for Free Citizens, the Centre Alliance and coalition leaders, the Liberal Party. BellmanTGM was assigned the portfolio for Minister for Business and Industry.

Near the conclusion of his Senate term, just prior to the election, the Party of Free Citizens was absorbed by the Reason Party as arranged by their leaders BellmanTGM and Kingethan15, respectively. BellmanTGM would run as the lead Senate candidate for the party in the subsequent election.

BellmanTGM is also regarded as the most active current member of AustraliaSim, rank #2 on the Mee6 Discord bot ranking, behind former prolific AustraliaSim member mtmdog. BellmanTGM takes on additional responsibilities within the Sim, including maintenance on the Sim's master spreadsheet and beginner's guide. He also serves as a Validator on the Discord server. He is also a contributer to the Sim's wikia page.