AnswerMeNow1 (or AMN) is a Greens MP and the party leader, representing the seat of Lingiari.

Early political history Edit

AnswerMeNow1 was initially a member of the Australian Democrats, although he defected to the Australia Party. AnswerMeNow1 stood for the Australia Party in the seat of Bradfield, voting for chaoticlapras (also known as Keira) in his seat of Lingiari, thus avoiding a supplementary election against BloodyChrome.

Defection to the Socialists and entering parliament Edit

Shortly after the election, Keira defected from the Socialists to create her own Nazi Party, but soon returned, begging to rejoin the Socialists, a request which Bsharri refused. She promptly resigned. AnswerMeNow1 then joined Socialists and won the seat of Lingiari in the subsequent election. Following a vote of no confidence in the BellmanTGM government, AnswerMeNow1 became the Minister of Defence and of Aboriginal Affairs. In the following election, AnswerMeNow1 retained the Aboriginal Affairs portfolio.

Becoming Speaker Edit

Following the resignation of long-time Speaker General_Rommel (who would later become a Justice of the High Court), AnswerMeNow1 nominated himself for the Speaker position and won.

Leaving the Socialists Edit

On the 20th of May, 2018, AnswerMeNow1 announced he would be seeking re-election in Lingiari as an independent rather than a socialist. He won re-election unopposed. On 9 June, AnswerMeNow1 formed the Greens with phyllicanderer as Deputy Leader.

Personal Life Edit

AnswerMeNow1 is aged 36, and graduated from Charles Darwin University with a major in law. He has one daughter named Kira.